What's In a Smile

What’s In a Smile?
The psychology of smiling is a much more important part of life than you probably realize. At Davis Dental in Bountiful UT, we feel very proud of the work that we do to help people find their best smile. If you consider the important improvements that can be made to your smile and even to your life through the procedures offered by a good cosmetic dentist, you’ll quickly realize that a good smile is worth the investment.

Smiling is an art form. Think of the varieties of smiles that you can find in people around you. There are demure smiles, beaming bright smiles like that famous Julia Roberts grin, sly smiles like that of Robert Downey Jr., or the enigmatic smile of Mona Lisa in one of the most famous paintings of all time. It’s obvious that a smile carries with it a lot of information and has a powerful effect on the people who see that smile.

Through studies in evolution, social psychology, and even cross-cultural exploration, experts have uncovered very interesting truths about smiling. Charles Darwin noticed that the cause and manifestations of smiling seems to be universal, whereas other types of nonverbal communication varies greatly from culture to culture. Babies born without sight actually smile  just like infants born with sight. As babies we learn that crying will get the attention of our parents, but smiling actually keeps their attention longer. From the age of 5 weeks, we begin smiling for all sorts of reasons, but one of them is certainly in order to get positive attention for longer periods of time.

Think about a professional entertainer. Most of them can be observed smiling throughout their act. Think of the smiling assistants that accompany a magician and provide positive feedback to the audience throughout the act. Think about a skilled singer and how much they smile while they’re singing? They know that part of their job is to keep the attention of the audience and to provide them with positive reinforcement that goes along with their art.

A good cosmetic dentist knows that they are really in the business of smiles. A happy patient will see how much their smile has improved and they will naturally want to smile more. Cosmetic dentistry will address all of the small aspects of smiling that affect the people around you. If you smile and others notice chipped or cracked teeth, the impact of that smile is lessened than if your smile showed bright straight white teeth.

If you need work on your smile, choose a cosmetic dentist wisely. The worst outcome after dental work is to have problems down the road that could have been prevented if you just got the work done the right way the first time. The impact from a second rate cosmetic dentist will negatively affect not only your wallet, but your social relationships. Studies have shown that people who cannot smile because of facial paralysis or other medical issues have more difficulty with social relationships, so it makes sense that poor dental work will cause similar results as it affects your ability to smile genuinely and effortlessly.

Of all of the effects of smiling that we love best at Davis Dental, our favorite is the contagious effect of smiling. Have you ever seen how effortlessly people smile at little babies who start out with a genuine smile? You can’t help but smile back at such genuine joy and happiness, and this effect extends in a chain reaction around you. As the popular phrase goes “laugh, and the world laughs with you; cry and you cry alone.” Cosmetic dentistry is so rewarding because we are in the business of happiness. And it all begins with a smile 🙂

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