After 15 years of chronic pain from grinding my teeth, the relief is unbelievable.

I had suffered for over 15 years from grinding my teeth at night (bruxism). My mouth guard was not getting the job done. During periods of stress, I would wake up every morning with headaches and a sore jaw.

Other dentists warned me I was destroying my teeth, but could not give me a solution!

After doing my own research, I learned of a new treatment for bruxism. The same botox used for cosmetic procedures is injected into the muscles of the jaw, relaxing them. Unfortunately, it took me three years to find a dentist in Utah that was trained in this procedure.

After my first treatment by Dr. Davis, my relief was immediate and profound. I can now look forward to waking up in the morning, knowing I won’t be in pain. It has been a dramatic improvement in my quality of life.

~ Wade Paxman – Brigham City, Utah