I have stopped covering my mouth and have more confidence

I have had a fear of the dentist since I was a young girl, it has been difficult to find the courage  to get myself to the dentist. For years I have had discoloring from a composite build up on my two front teeth, which left me not wanting to smile much and constantly covering my mouth.Last summer I met Jordan and Elena Davis, I soon discovered that Jordan was a dentist, I made the decision to go see him at his clinic because he was approachable and a genuine person, it was time to go in to the dentist after far too many years. Yes, I was scared but Dr Davis was friendly and very understanding. On my first visit of a consultation and cleaning I felt very well cared for and knew that  I had made the right choice and that I would receive the right kind of care professionally and emotionally. I then proceeded to have four of my front teeth fixed which was a huge relief, I have never been so looked after and been so pleased with an outcome. My teeth look and feel like my own but better and I now smile a lot, I have stopped covering my mouth and have more confidence as I don’t have to worry if people are looking at my flawed teeth.  I no longer have anxiety when I go to the dentist. Not only do you receive exceptional treatment and expertise from Dr Davis but he also has exceptional staff members that give you great care. I would recommend Davis dental to anyone looking for a quality dental care. – Victoria White. Bountiful, Utah