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Creating the perfect smile using Digital Smile Design! Crowns, Veneers, and Dental Implants.

Digital Smile Design – this smile makeover was designed using natural tooth shapes from a supermodel. Sinus lift surgery and dental implants were used to reconstruct the back teeth. Soft tissue grafting to achieve symmetry of the gum tissue

Dental Implant Reconstruction of the front incisors

Full Mouth Dental implant reconstruction



Improving your smile truly can be LIFE CHANGING! Digital Smile Design preview of a future new smile.

Replacing Dentures with Prettau Zirconia Implant Bridges

Smile Makeover with veneers using Digital Smile Design

Full Mouth Reconstruction with Dental Implants using Digital Smile Design – Prettau Zirconia Bridge and composite bonding on the lower teeth to correct the bite

BOTOX was used to correct the “frame” of the smile


Full Mouth Reconstruction with Ceramic Crowns using Digital Smile Design


Creating a new smile in one appointment! – Using digital smile design we can create a “mock-up” smile for you that is placed on your teeth so you can see what your future smile could look like!




Dental Implants – Front two teeth (preserving natural gum tissue architecture for natural esthetic results!) – This patient’s unesthetic bridge fractured off at the gumline leaving the front tooth non-restorable. Composite bonding on upper right canine and lower front teeth.



Achieving amazing natural results with porcelain veneers!

Composite Bonding can look as natural as real teeth when done right!

Trauma from nail-gun to front tooth (#8) – Tooth was extracted and implant was placed at the same time


















Full-Mouth Reconstruction: The patient feels like herself again after replacing existing crowns and veneers and correcting her bite!!!

Full-Mouth Reconstruction: Patient was restored to a more natural appearance










































Teeth in a terminal state (all teeth need to be extracted) – instead of having to settle for dentures, the patient was restored to full function and a natural look using Dental Implants and Prettau Implant Bridges











































































Trauma resulting in fractured tooth root – The tooth was extracted and replaced with a dental implant


































Trauma resulting in fractured front tooth – Restored with composite resin bonding
























Dental Implant (upper right incisor) – perfecting esthetics so that tooth loss is undetectable


































Smile Makeover – Gum grafting along with porcelain crowns and veneers were accomplished to create a symmetrical, beautiful smile.





Prettau Implant Bridge – Before and After

Extractions, soft tissue grafting, and bone grafting were performed prior to placement of four dental implants. The case was restored with an all-zirconia prettau implant bridge.


Porcelain crowns (upper incisors) – Before and After




Full Mouth Reconstruction – Before and After


Both upper and lower teeth were restored with porcelain crowns to bring patient’s bite into proper occlusion.

After rehabilitation, upper lip support is slightly increased leading to a more youthful appearance.

Implant (upper right lateral incisor) – Surgical placement and restoration – Before and After



The upper right canine and premolar were also restored with porcelain crowns.